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Sunday, January 14, was a day of excitement as you, people of Trinity, voted to call Kendall Jeske to be your next pastor. I rejoice with you as you embark on this new venture, and I pray that your ministry with him will extend the mission of Jesus Christ in Pleasanton and beyond.

It has been two years since I began serving as your interim pastor, and I principally want to express my gratitude to you for this fruitful time. I thank you for your affirmation and continual support as we worked to discern Trinity’s core values and future direction. You have embraced change and striven to re-build community after years of pandemic isolation. It has truly been a blessing to me to be welcomed by you and serve with you.

I will be sad to say goodbye, but I am also truly happy to have been able to lead you to this point. Welcoming Pastor Kendall will be a joyful and energizing time in the life of Trinity, and I am confident that Trinity is on strong footing for moving forward: financially, strategically, and spiritually. I leave you with a feeling of partnership as we continue in the shared ministry of the gospel.

Some of you have asked where I will be headed next. I do not know at this writing, but I do look forward to serving another congregation as an interim pastor or wherever the Spirit leads. I will keep you abreast of where I end up. I will also keep all of you in my prayers as you begin this new venture with Pastor Kendall.

It was good to see many of you on Sunday, January 21, my last Sunday in worship with you. Thank you for your gifts and thank you for your generous words of farewell. I leave you with confidence and great hope for Trinity’s future, and with a heart full of gratitude for all of you and the time we have shared.

In the ever-flowing love of Trinity,

Pastor Clark